miércoles, 27 de mayo de 2009

District Membership Chairs and District Membership Development Committees

The new Rotary year is fast approaching. If DGEs in your regions have not yet appointed district membership chairs, encourage them to do so (and to notify RI via Member Access once they have). DGEs should appoint not only a chair, but a full district membership development committee. According to the last DMC survey, 20% of districts worldwide do not have a membership committee. Ensuring that each district has an active membership committee is crucial to membership development efforts. District committees are responsible for the following tasks:

Planning and marketing district membership development seminars in consultation with the DGE and district trainer.

Encouraging clubs to strive to represent the demographic composition of the community’s business and professional population.

Ensuring clubs are aware of the membership tools available from RI.Working and communicating with the governor and club leaders to ensure the district achieves its membership goals.Coordinating district wide membership development activities.

Encouraging clubs to participate in RI or presidential membership development recognition programs.

Maintaining communication with other district committees (e.g., extension and PR committees) to coordinate activities that will aid membership development efforts.

Encouraging clubs to develop and implement a membership growth plan.

Assisting club membership committee chairs in carrying out their responsibilities.

Visiting clubs to speak about effective membership development activities.

Working with their RRIMC to plan membership activities in the district.

Ensuring that each club committee has a copy of the Membership Development Resource Guide (417-EN) and is aware of the steps for retention.

District committees can also work closely with club membership committees to monitor struggling clubs and provide guidance and resources where needed. Maintaining contact with club membership committees will allow district membership committees to hear about successful initiatives at the club level and pass those along to other clubs. And of course, the DMC and membership committee members should make it a priority to attend the regional membership development seminars that RRIMCs organize throughout the year. Strong, well-informed district membership committees in your districts will be a tremendous help to you in identifying challenges to membership retention and expansion and in developing appropriate strategies for growth.

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