sábado, 22 de noviembre de 2008

Club Officer's Kit to be mailed this month

Rotary International News
November 2008

District governors-elect will receive a Club Officers’ Kit for each club in their districts this month.
Be sure to send the kit and district-specific information to the incoming officers of each club. The kit can be mailed, distributed by assistant governors, or handed out at a pre-PETS meeting.

Each manual in the Club Officers’ Kit is also available for download and can be purchased as a set through Rotary’s online catalogue or as separate items.

The Club Officers’ Kit (225) includes:
Club President’s Manual (222)
Club Secretary’s Manual (229)
Club Treasurer’s Section
Club Administration Committee (226A)
Club Membership Committee (226B)
Club Public Relations Committee (226C)
Club Service Projects Committee (226D)
Club Rotary Foundation Committee (226E)

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