miércoles, 5 de noviembre de 2008

E-Mail Scams targeting Rotarians

Roatry International News

Rotary International continues to receive notice of e-mail phishing scams targeting Rotarians.
One such scam claims the recipient has been selected for a cash prize. Another scam still circulating claims that a deceased Rotarian has left money to the e-mail recipient to be donated to philanthropic efforts.

The sender, who claims to be the executor of the will, then asks for the recipient’s personal information, including a copy of the individual’s passport and driver’s license, in order to claim the inheritance.

Please note that RI does not solicit funds through e-mail, nor does it ask that personal information be updated by e-mail or other electronic means. RI encourages Rotarians to avoid becoming victims of these scams by deleting any e-mail that appears suspicious.

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