jueves, 1 de enero de 2009

Trustee Chair

January 2009

Message from the chair -- Promote our Foundation’s good work

Dear family of Rotary,

If the general public were aware of half of the good work our Rotary Foundation does, I’m convinced we would be inundated with contributions and prospective members. That’s why one of our goals for 2008-09 is to work with Rotary International to enhance our public image.

How can we do this? One way is by working with local media to publicize our humanitarian projects. Make sure that people in the communities where we work know that The Rotary Foundation and local Rotarians are behind that new water well or health clinic or school.

Publicize the international projects your club is sponsoring with Foundation grants. Invite the media to meet with a visiting Group Study Exchange team or an Ambassadorial Scholar studying in your community. All of us have inspirational Rotary stories to tell. Let’s make sure we share them with others.

In recent years, our Foundation’s presence on the international stage has grown enormously, thanks to our role in global polio eradication. It’s time to bring the news of our achievements to the local level. January is Rotary Awareness Month, an excellent time to inform our communities about the many ways that The Rotary Foundation is doing good in the world.

Jonathan Majiyagbe
Foundation Trustee Chair

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